Texas Quicksand Joint Filler is suitable for cosmetic finishing of stacked stone or stone veneer walls. Because it is water permeable it should only be used where moisture will not damage the underlying structure.

build it
- Build the wall and affix finishing stone per manufacturer's specification. Cover the area below the wall with plastic sheeting to catch any falling material for reuse. 

rub it- Open the vacuum packed bag, and pour the Texas Quicksand directly into the bucket. Add water until it reaches the consistency so that it can be formed into a ball. Wearing appropriate gloves, take handfuls of the filler and rub it firmly into the joints.

  • Note: Do not open the vacuum packed bag before you are ready to use.

point it- Work it evenly into the joints with fingers or a pointing tool to ensure the joints are packed firmly. 

brush it - Once hardening has begun, gently brush away any surface residue 

  • Note: Unused material can be saved for later use. Simply pour the remaining product into the empty Texas Quicksand bucket and cover the product completely with water. Make sure the water completely covers the product. Material stored in this way can be kept for up to one year.

done - Within 24 hours the joints will harden. Optimal temperature is 68F, curing time will vary with temperature variations. 

wall installation

rub it

brush it

point it


build it