Usually we don't think of hardscaping as  "eco-friendly" or "green". While the stone paving industry is moving to permeable pavers to help protect our environment, Texas Quicksand Joint Filler gives you the opportunity to have permeable and durable joints with any type of stone. But we don't stop there. In addition to exceptional water permeability, our product has additional features that allow you to approach your project with an even lighter impact on the environment:

  • All natural and non toxic
  • Contains no artificial dyes
  • Cleanup does not require any solvents, acids, or other chemicals
  • Unused product can be kept for later use
  • The finish is durable and long lasting

Texas Quicksand - Quick, Easy, Safe, and Clean. We've changed the landscape of the stone paving industry.

When precipitation falls onto impermeable surfaces such as standard concrete or asphalt, it cannot drain through the surface and instead must run off toward the lowest point. The associated rain water runoff can negatively impact the environment by decreasing the natural groundwater recharge process, collecting pollutants and washing them into bodies of water thus degrading water quality and contributing to erosion.

Texas Quicksand Joint Filler is an exciting new technology that helps prevent these negative effects. When properly installed on a permeable substrate, the water flow rate through Texas Quicksand Joint Filler is comparable to that of pervious concrete at 130+ inch/hour.

The installation of pervious concrete is a labor intensive process that requires precise mixing, compacting, working and curing in order to achieve maximum results. Our product is premixed, easy to install, self curing... it's ready when you are.

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greener hardscapes

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